Elena Sapozhnikova



Chief adjuster, Head of financial analysis

41А, Bolshoy Afanasyevskiy pereulok, 119019 Moscow Russia

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Phone: +7 495 249 2491

Mobile: +7 905 747 3556


Other information

Other information:

Elena Sapozhnikova

Language proficiency:   Russian, English

Education/professional qualifications:

Higher education, Management of energy industry

Most significant losses/projects handled:

Stock losses:

1. Damage to property Vector Management (Snow Queen) in case of fire, Moscow, Russia, 2008
2. Collapse of racks in the warehouse, Russia, 2012
3. Losses due to the fire in the warehouse of tea, Russia, 2012-2014
4. Losses due to the fire in a hypermarket, Vladimir, Russia, 2014
5. Losses due to the fire in the wood industry, Russia 2013-2018
6. Losses due to the fire in the warehouse of cigarettes, Russia, 2013-2017
7. Stock Losses in retail and wholesale stores, Russia 2009-2018
8. Losses due to the collapse of the juice producer's warehouse, Russia, 2017
9. Losses due to fire in a hypermarket, Moscow, Russia, 2017
10. Losses due to fire in the paint and varnish industry, Russia, 2017

Business interruption losses:

1. BI losses in electric power industry, Ukraine, 2008-2014
2. Concordia Meat processing plant, Kaliningrad, Russia, 2010
3. BI losses in the glassmaking industry, Russia, 2010
4. Brewing trade (Baltika), Russia, 2007-2011
5. BI losses in metallurgy, Ukraine, 2010-2015
6. BI losses at the Rusal plants (aluminum smelters, alumina refineries, bauxite mines), 2011, 2016-2017
7. BI loss at the livestock breeding complex, Russia, 2012
8. BI losses at chemical plants (EuroChem, UralChem), Russia, 2011-2017
9. BI losses at GAZ Group plants, Russia, 2014, 2016-2017
10. BI losses in retail and wholesale trade, Russia, 2009-2018
11. BI losses in woodworking industry, Russia 2013-2018
12. BI losses in the production of juice and dairy products, Russia, 2016-2017


Experience:   11 years

Elena is the chief specialist with a significant experience in settling losses related to stock and BI losses in trade and in industry.

Elena has a deep knowledge of the Russian electricity market; has a certificate of professional development in the direction of "Accounting and Taxation", certificates of professional development in the accounting and electricity.
She took part in a number of conferences, as a speaker on the specifics of the settlement of losses, adjustment of stock losses and BI losses. She is one of the developers of the program of the training seminar "Theory and practice of settlement of BI losses".

Elena successfully appeared in the courts and defended the reports and calculations of stock losses and BI losses.

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